Some of my Cars


My New2010 Challenger RT

My 2001 PT Cruiser


1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

My newest - 1992 Dodge D-150LE 4x4

1977 Ramcharger after a run in the hill's of northern Cal.
1970 Challenger as bought from the orginal owner in Germany.
318 C.I.D. 2 bbl with 4 speed pistol grip shifter.
The same Challenger 2 years later....
now 340 4bbl with 4 speed pistol grip shifter
Spun out on slick road, 45 Mph into guard rail in southern Michigan. 1971 440 Cuda
1971 Plymouth GTX 440, Auto. Rolled in Germany, replaced
with 1970 Challenger above
My first Race car, 1971 340 Duster, best E.T. 10.59

Almost Forgot my 1973 Dodge Dart

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